Build a High Performing Team

Do you wish you had a High Performing Team?

A high performing team that works well together is a joyous thing, not only to behold, but to be part of. The energy is infectious, and issues are simply bumps in the road.

And when it's not quite right, even the smallest issue gains a life of its own. Worse still, it eats your availability and erodes your effectiveness.

With our Team Building Training we can make small or large course corrections to get you, and the team, where you want to be.

Whether you have a specific challenge around effective team working, interpersonal relationships, or seeking higher performance, we will explore the situation together until I'm clear on what you want to achieve. I'll then design a facilitated event or more specific training events to move in that direction.

My aim is to give you, as the leader, the opportunity to fully participate alongside your team  without having to design content and drive any activities during the day. I'll take care of all the little details that will make it as engaging as possible without you having to worry. 

You'll take away electronic copies of all outputs (and there's usually lots and lots of paper, flip-chart etc generated!) and, if you want, you can video of key parts of the day. 

I use a variety of models, drawing on the work of people like Patrick Lencioni and Dr David Keirsey alongside facilitation techniques from areas like 'Liberating Structures' and World-Cafe; which lead to high levels of engagement, fun, learning and laughter.

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Excellent insights into team

An excellent insight into the behaviour traits of my team and why. Prior to the meeting, I thought it would be a waste of my time !

DI Hulin, Bristol

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