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Effective Remote Working is now an essential skill for everyone. With over 2 decades of experience in this area, here's a training course to help.

After working from home for so long, are you finding that you're not still getting as much done as you hoped? That you're still being distracted, or your attention span is still low? 

Every so often, do you manage to achieve everything you wanted to, and more, in a day? It feels great doesn’t it? But on other days (maybe the majority of days if we’re honest), do you find you only achieve a fraction of what you know you could and should  have?

If you’re like most people I work with, you find yourself reacting to unexpected interruptions or challenges every day: the phone ringing, your inbox pinging, an enquiry from a client, a technical problem, the list goes on. It’s so easy to focus on urgent things instead of what is important that your working day often ends without much real work achieved. It’s frustrating isn’t it?

Personal work effectiveness, not time management

That’s because the key to being productive doesn’t have anything to do with ‘time management’ and everything to do with being effective – “successful in producing a desired or intended result”.

Over the years, in my search for personal effectiveness I’ve read numerous books on time management (I bet you have too). While they generally all have some useful ideas, they all fall far short of giving you a “workable-in-the-real-world” action plan or series of habits you can use.

Your invitation to improved personal effectivity.

This training isn’t some run-of-the-mill, cookie cutter time management theory. I must confess I’m a complete geek, and love researching and analysing things to the nth degree before implementing them in my training. (I’m a Visiting Fellow at the University of Bristol – extensive and exhaustive research is “my thing”.)

And that’s why all the training in this course is based on countless research (much of it cutting edge – you won’t find it anywhere else). I’ve done the hard work for you – so please benefit from my geekiness and let me save you the time!

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll learn :

  • How to create your own Customised Time Utilisation Strategy™ (no more disappointments trying to emulate effectiveness tips from so-called experts)
  • Common misconceptions of time management (many well-known books feature these prominently – follow their advice at your peril!)
  • How the latest cognitive science and neuroscience research affects your personal effectiveness
  • how a strategy developed by the US military can keep you on track with unstoppable, laser-like focus
  • How to recognise your personal Time Vampires – and turn them to dust!
  • How to use your creative side to enhance your effectiveness – even if you don’t think of yourself as ’creative’

The course will be interactive, energising, fun and – most importantly – worthwhile for you. You’ll leave with your own tailor-made strategy for ensuring your personal effectiveness and productivity at work every day.

Training that teaches you and your team techniques that are:

  • Simple: No blinding with science or theory here -just straightforward stuff that works, 
  • Memorable: With acronyms that make sense, things become easier to remember,
  • Useable: The aim is that you can implement what you learn within a day of learning it. 

Why me?

Jonathan is renowned for building the resilience and performance of teams & their leaders, facilitating learning through interactive & engaging workshops tailored in-the-moment to best serve the objectives of participants. He has run Making Teams Work since 2010 delivering training, coaching, and facilitation building on experiences from corporate life that included 14 years at Hewlett Packard leading a virtual team spread across the globe. 

He now specialises in working with critical and blue-light services, and has worked with a variety of organisations in the public and private sectors including: 19 of the UK's police forces, The College of Policing, Intel, EasyJet, EE, O2, Lloyds Banking Group, Standard Life and the University of Bristol where he’s a visiting fellow, facilitator and lecturer. His first (serious) book: "The Resilience Toolkit: Powerful ways to thrive in blue-light services" was published in February 2019 and has sold over 1000 copies.

Training packages

Face-to-Face Workshop

This course is available as a half day face-to-face workshop for up to 16 participants. While every workshop is tailored to your specific requirements, we include content, techniques, and exercises designed to maximise learning and cover challenges that the participants bring on the day.

All participants are provided with a dedicated workbook and given access to a private online learning environment providing: supporting material, recommended reading lists, and on-line chat. Workshops are followed with weekly 'office hours' via the chat function and an on-line Q&A session around 4 weeks after the face-to-face event. Fees are from £1800 - £2400 + VAT & expenses.

Get in touch below to discuss the course in more detail.

Online Webinar

This course is available as a 60-minute online session for 25 to 50 participants. While every workshop is tailored to your specific requirements, we use online tools such as Poll Everywhere and Mural to include content, techniques, and exercises which are designed to maximise learning and cover challenges.

All participants are provided with access to a private online learning environment providing: event links, an electronic workbook, supporting material, recommended reading lists, and online chat. Workshops are followed with weekly 'office hours' via the chat function and an online Q&A session around 4 weeks after the final event. Fees are from £1800 + VAT (No expenses) depending on the number of participants. Get in touch below to discuss the course in more detail. 

Online Training Course

This material is currently being developed as a self-paced online course accessed using an app on a mobile device or via a web page. Click below to register your interest and I'll let you know when it is ready.

What others are saying about this training:

Jonathan is the perfect guide.

Loved the idea of personalising your approach and time depending on who you are. Brilliant to give time and thought to the biggest thing that will impact our success - our use of time! Jonathan is the perfect guide.

Sonja Jefferson

Enthusiastic trainer

It challenges the way I thought about what it meant to have a fulfilling and productive day. It makes a massive difference having an interactive and enthusiastic trainer who has personal examples.

Clare Beck

Great techniques to fit your own style

It makes you really think through what influences the way you manage time and teaches you great techniques to fit your own style of managing time better.

Maria M @ Intel UK

Changed my business for ever

The only thing you have is your time. So it makes sense to understand how to maximise how you personally can use it to be as effective as possible.

Sonja Jefferson

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help my team?

Yes. Good for you for caring enough to ask. Email me with the title “Team” and I’ll get in touch with ideas. That could range from short webinars spread over a few weeks to an all-day course.

What would training cost?

1:1 coaching starts at £150 for 90 minutes.

All-day courses at £1800.

Webinars start from £450 depending on duration and numbers. All prices excl VAT.

What if I want more personalised help?

Reply to one of my messages and put “Help” in the title, and we'll arrange to talk. Solutions could range from 1:1 coaching to a webinar, course or just a copy of The Resilience Toolkit. Get in touch today.

What format training do you offer?

I provide training in the most useful format for you. That could be face-to-face or virtual. When virtual, I've found it best to split content across 2 or 3 sessions, as 6 hours on-line isnt the best for really learning anything! You also learn more when the sessions are spread out.


After an initial discussion about your specific requirements, I will create a short outline of a proposed course or programme, including costs. When you agree to proceed on this basis, we will set a date/time and location for the workshop(s) and I will generate a formal quote to enable you to provide a purchase order number. Email confirmation of the booking will be taken as binding. Terms and Conditions are available on request - including cancellation terms.

What tools do you use?

With the 2020 lockdown due to COVID-19, I had to migrate quickly from front-of-room training to completely online delivery. One of the first things was a way to make it really interactive. I adopted ‘Poll Everywhere’ for live polling, 'Mural' for live white boarding, and 'GiraffePad' as my online learning environment.

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