Resilience Training to Handle the curve-balls of Life.

Crank up Your Resilience, Today

NEW online course: The Resilience Blueprint. 

Resilience is not about bouncing back

People often talk about Resilience as the ability to bounce back. But it isnt that. When things happen to you, you change. So there's no returning to how you were before. But if it isn't about bouncing back, then what is it? It's about growing stronger.

When life has put too much on your plate

It is easy to feel stressed and that you can’t cope when life has put too much on your plate – and to feel that you should be able to do better. You start to wonder if it is just you, as everyone else seems OK.

I’ll let you into a secret. We’re all wondering the same thing! We all find some things in life challenge us beyond our current capacity. It’s totally normal to feel like this. Its just a part of being human. You’re not alone. You just need the right tools so that you can confidently handle what life chucks at you.

I have worked in corporate leadership and in the last decade trained 1000’s of people to be more resilient, build and lead better teams. This training will teach you: simple, memorable and – most important of all – useable (!) techniques to build your resilience so you can carry the burden more easily.

Training that teaches you and your team techniques that are:

  • Simple: No blinding with science or theory here -just straightforward stuff that works, 
  • Memorable: With acronyms that make sense, things become easier to remember,
  • Useable: The aim is that you can implement what you learn within a day of learning it. 

Work with me to...

Working together, we’ll identify the specific things you and your team need to handle the specific burdens of life and work. We’ll build a plan to create a personalised blueprint and start building the resilience you all need, ready for the challenges that lie ahead – known or unknown.

Sound impossible? Try it – get the free blueprint by clicking here now, or get in touch to talk about webinars, workshops or 1:1 coaching.

Resilience training courses

This series of 3 webinars (or as a face-to-face session) aims to demystify the subject of resilience and it’s importance to us as individuals as well as organisations and teams, together with a model for building our personal and team resilience. It’s based on face-to-face workshops delivered since 2017, and draws on material in “The Resilience Toolkit ”.


Resilience & the STRONGER model

This introduction to the subject will aim to explore the what and how of resilience: why it’s important to all teams and organisations today, and the benefits of becoming more resilient.

As a supporting model, we’ll look at the STRONGER Resilience Blueprint – a way of imagining the journey towards increased resilience, and eight key areas to pay attention to. 

The session will focus on the first, and the most fundamental area: Sleep.

You'll able to take positive steps towards improving your resilience immediately.


Building a more Resilient You

We'll explore the remaining seven elements, with the intention of growing their personal resilience and providing tools to grow each area. 

This is fundamental for encouraging the growth of resilience in others, and improve alignment of stated beliefs and actual practices.

Too many leaders promote wellbeing and resilience while living in a way that contradicts their message. Don't let that be you!

You'll leave with a personalised plan to build your resilience immediately. 


Building a more Resilient Team

This session has a focus on leading in such a way to create greater resilience in teams and organisations. 

This session builds on previous modules and applies it to a team as a whole, rather than just individuals.

Additional research-based models and content relevant to leading will be introduced to help leaders to lead in such a way as to grow a resilient team when they're faced with challenging situations

You'll leave knowing how to organise the team to encourage their building one another’s resilience.

What others are saying about this training:

One of the best development sessions I've been on

One of the best development sessions I've been on. Clear, accessible, interactive, personable, relatable, well delivered, well paced.

Name witheld on request  //  Police Officer

Very worthwhile training...

Well delivered, backed up by professional experience. Key points about modern distractions. This was very worthwhile training.

Name witheld on request  //  Police Officer

Light hearted but very important...

Light hearted but very important review of resilience and what it means to leaders, engaging & able to bring conversation/comments out from team.

Jo Smallwood  //  Police Officer

Why me?

Thanks to having been subjected to bullying, victimisation and abuse through school, and some micro-managing (read – bullying) bosses, I know what it’s like when you can’t see a way forward in a threatening situation.

Constantly tired, unable to think straight, learn anything new, and just fighting to survive. Knowing what I needed to do – to get better sleep, eat better, get some exercise, but being unable to put me first. But I came out the other side. More self-aware, more able to say ‘No’. More able to look after No. 1 and build my resilience. 

I started researching the topic in detail after a chance conversation presenting at a national police conference , and soon that information resulted in writing “The Resilience Toolkit” .

Surf the waves of work challenges.

If you’ve read this far, then I know you’re the kind of person who wants to surf the waves of work challenges without losing the rest of your life. In order to do that, you need to become more resilient. The problem is that it can just feel too hard.

Too hard to know where to start. 

Too hard to keep going.

Too hard to find time.

So you feel stuck. I managed to get unstuck, and so can you.

If we were talking about surfing ocean waves, it’d be obvious that you need sufficient strength. When we’re thinking about work, it’s less obvious. And that was what led me to continue researching the topic of resilience after the book was published. Eventually, I came up with the Resilience Blueprint. Which you can get right now, and start getting unstuck and stronger. Click here !

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help my team?

Yes. Good for you for caring enough to ask. Email me with the title “Team” and I’ll get in touch with ideas. That could range from short webinars spread over a few weeks to an all-day course.

What would training cost?

1:1 coaching starts at £150 for 90 minutes.

All-day courses at £1800.

Webinars start from £450 depending on duration and numbers. All prices excl VAT.

What if I want more personalised help?

Reply to one of my messages and put “Help” in the title, and we'll arrange to talk. Solutions could range from 1:1 coaching to a webinar, course or just a copy of The Resilience Toolkit. Get in touch today.

What format training do you offer?

I provide training in the most useful format for you. That could be face-to-face or virtual. When virtual, I've found it best to split content across 2 or 3 sessions, as 6 hours on-line isnt the best for really learning anything! You also learn more when the sessions are spread out.

Can’t I just read the book?:

Yes, of course. But there’s a tendency for us all to read and never get around to implementing something, isn’t there. But start with the book, by all means.

What if I already have a copy of the book?

If you already have a copy of the book, this is still useful because the blueprint is the result of my continued work on resilience and not included in the book (but does reference it).

What's in the Blueprint?

The blueprint is 8 steps (here's a clue - "Stronger") - with a brief introduction and some suggestions as to what you can do for each element. There are some ideas & top tips you can apply immediately.

When you subscribe, I will send you an initial series of 11 messages (one for each blueprint element, and a couple more) in the first two weeks – because you want to take action. After that, you’ll probably hear from me around every month. You can unsubscribe at any time, of course.

What tools do you use?

With the 2020 lockdown due to COVID-19, I had to migrate quickly from front-of-room training to completely online delivery. One of the first things was a way to make it really interactive. I adopted ‘Poll Everywhere’ for live polling, 'Mural' for live white boarding, and 'GiraffePad' as my online learning environment.

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