July 22

What do you want more of?


Sitting on the train writing en route to Cardiff, the chap behind me was on his iPhone waxing lyrical to someone about how he’d recently been to a celebrity in conversation at the South Bank. “I should do things like that more often” he ended. 

And that got me thinking. Are you satisfied, truly satisfied, with your life? If you really are, then you’ve learned to “be content in everything’ as St Paul wrote. (despite also saying he had a ‘thorn’ in his side).

So what do you want more of? Imagine you have it, just for a moment, right now. What is it?

Is it time? Money? Happiness, or love, or contentment, or stuff and things? Maybe it’s job-satisfaction (whatever that means to you.) The big question is: what difference might having it really make to you? Cast yourself a year ahead from today and look back to now as you read this. Will what you want today really make that much difference?

Let's hold on to the essence of the comment – that there are probably lots of experiences that you’ve had that you’d love to repeat. But you don’t.

Why? Too busy? Or just forgotten?

Maybe you’re wondering about something but never actually tried it. The chap on the phone only realised after the experience !


What have you forgotten you enjoy? What, if you decided that it was possible to take the time out to do it, could you do? Or have you argued yourself into what Marshall Goldsmith calls “The daydream” that goes like this:

“I’m too busy with X, Y and Z to worry about myself/my friends/my family/having fun just now. When those are finished in the next week, I’ll be sure to take time out to do them then”

It’s a daydream. A slower day IS NOT COMING! Every minute we have is here now, and gone then.

So what do you actually want?  (not what don’t you want!) How are you going to get that? TODAY? (Clue: Goldsmith’s book ‘Mojo’* might help)

Remember: “If you keep on doing…”

That's all for today. If you've questions or comments, drop me a line below or get in touch.

Please note: A *indicates a link to an external site from which I may receive a small referral fee. You won't pay any extra though. You may be able to find a 'standard' link instead if you prefer.



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