Are you expecting a headache?

Have you ever decided to have a strategy day with your team and then ended up spending so much time on things like finding a venue; deciding on activities; and getting materials together; - never mind the facilitation of it all - that you just wish you'd never started? 

I take away all the painful bits and leave you able to fully participate on the day, knowing that someone else has everything covered.

I've been providing facilitation sessions just like that to a number of groups (ranging from groups of 8 to 150) since 2011; initially for 'visioning' workshops, and now more broadly into strategic development.

Fully participate alongside your team.

These workshops enable you to fully participate alongside your team  without having to design content and drive activities during the day. We usually spend a couple of hours together a few weeks beforehand to co-create the session, define the key outcomes and all the little details that will make it as engaging as possible without you having to worry on the day. 

You'll take away electronic copies of all outputs (and there's usually lots and lots of paper, flip-chart etc generated!) and, if you want, you can videos of key parts of the day. If a strong graphic is one of your desired outcomes from a visioning session, I have experience of working with professional illustrators to create something that you can print, use on desktops etc.

I use a variety of tools and techniques, such as 'Liberating Structures' and World-Cafe; which lead to high levels of engagement, and usually lots of fun and laughter.

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A game changer for us as a team

Mike Cain Senior Pastor

It has been a game changer for us as a team. There have been times when things have gone wrong and we haven't been quite sure why. The workshop helped to identify those things and has given us the tools to fix them. It has made us much better at celebrating our differences rather than being tripped up by them. My main take-away is that with trust you can push through just about any challenge together - and it was especially helpful to identify the things that build trust and the things that break them.

Does this ring any bells for you?

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