The Resilience Toolkit

The Resilience Toolkit

What if resilience was something you could improve? 

We all have the right to enjoy rather than just endure work. In the unpredictability of even the most challenging environments, the route to success and fulfilment at work is to build our resilience. And the good news is that it is possible to develop that aspect of who you are.

This ground-breaking book provides a highly effective toolkit that will empower you to survive, thrive and flourish in dynamic and fast-changing contexts.

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Now, you can...

  • Learn and build the core components of a resilient life,
  • Have more time to breathe, think and recuperate,
  • Learn and take advantage of your unique peak effectiveness times,
  • Prepare for, and deal with challenging situations as they occur,
  • Stop trying to make up for an inward ‘No’ with an outward ‘Yes’,...

and much more, in a way that matches who you are.

Who is 'The Resilience Toolkit' for?

The UK government has acknowledged that there is an epidemic of well-being issues in the workplace, so almost every organisation has some kind of well-being programme in place. Many of these offer wonderful ways of improving the situation. The way we are addressing these problems seems to be focussed on curing the symptoms rather than the cause. In the words of one of Jonathans' clients: "We need to be working upstream of the problem." Upstream means working on our resilience, which, fortunately, research shows to be possible.

From the senior leader with an large breadth of responsibilities, to those leading operational teams as well as those on the front line,  Jonathan Rees's clients have discovered that they have greater skills to build their resilience and improve their work-life blend more than they believed possible - through using tools that most closely match who they are.

The Resilience toolkit is exactly that: a set of tools that you can pick and choose from as you wish so that you can build (or, indeed, rebuild) your resilience. It includes the Workplace Resilience Instrument - a simple questionnaire that evaluates four crucial aspects of resilience, and provides a map that you can use to uncover which of over 20 tools will be most useful to you personally, right now.

So whether you are working in Police, Fire, Ambulance, the NHS, or Highways and other national agencies, there's something here for you.

And there are a set of accompanying workshops. Have a look here.

People have said...

Jonathan Rees shows us through bright examples and actionable exercises that we, too, can thrive under pressure. Our own resilient behaviors can be modeled to match the situations we face. Although reading about what makes people resilient can be insightful, Jonathan’s battery of self-assessment tools provides the reader with specific feedback to be more effective and view adverse situations as opportunities more so than danger.
(Dr. Larry Mallak. Western Michigan University. Author of “The Workplace Resilience Instrument (WRI)

"This book represents the next stage of Jonathan’s work and provides any senior leader in the public sector with an opportunity to learn and refresh the practical skills that will help them in these challenging roles. Whether you are a senior leader in policing, the NHS or elsewhere in the public sector I would recommend that you read this book and adopt its principles. I promise that it will help you to survive and thrive in the pressure cooker."
(Chief Superintendent Ian Wylie, Vice-president of the Police Superintendents’ Association.)

"The Resilience Toolkit is helpful and accessible and consists of lots of useful resources that can be used in isolation or to compliment each other to cope with workplace pressures. The book is easy to read with clear, succinct sections and can be registered to access digital resources - an added extra. Highly recommended!"
(Rachel, Amazon reviewer)

Packed with wisdom, bang up to date and drawing on years of work with senior leaders at the very highest levels. I loved its punchy style, the quotations, the short readable chapters and the many real-life anecdotes. Clear focus on blue-light services but actually widely applicable. This is a constructive, encouraging book that left me feeling I could get my work back under control."
(Richard, Amazon reviewer)

Why I wrote this book

Working with police officers across the UK and Ireland, what has struck me is that nearly everyone knows what they should be doing to improve their well-being. But they're not doing it. Because there's just too much friction.

The challenge is that we take up careers in the emergency and caring professions because we care deeply about others. Often a lot more than we care for ourselves, as it turns out. We all know the pre-flight instructions about oxygen masks. We just don't obey them outside a plane! 

The impact of not being resilient is costly to individuals, organisations, families and society as a whole. However high levels of resilience can positively impact all of these contexts. My hope is that through the toolkit, you will be able to identify specific steps you can take to strengthen your resilience and handle the daily stresses of life calmly and more effectively.

About Jonathan Rees

Jonathan has more than 20 years' experience in leadership and management positions in national and international companies.

In 2017, Jonathan was invited to speak at the UK national conference of the Police Superintendents’ Association. He was given 1 hour to ‘provide something useful on resilience that delegates can take away and apply in their day job’, and since then, has travelled all over the UK and Ireland delivering workshops and keynote speeches to more than 1700 police officers.

His primary focus is now on working with people in blue-light services, enabling them to build more resilient lives for themselves, and those they work with – in the hope that it will enable them to have more resilient families, neighbourhoods and communities.

Does this ring any bells for you?

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