September 11

IT Team dynamics ebook

I’ve given birth !

No, not that type 🙂 After 24 years working in the IT industry followed by 3 years in business and personal development, I’ve finally published a book.

I find myself oscillating between delight and anxiety. Delight that I’ve finished a project that I was given less than six weeks ago by my business coach, and anxiety that it will get trashed in reviews.

This book is the first in a series designed to build up an overall picture of “The team Synergy Masterplan” and its application across teams in a variety of sectors. It starts with IT because of my extensive experience there, and I am already working with experts in the health and manufacturing sectors on the next two books.

“The Team Synergy Masterplan: 3 big challenges of IT teams” identifies the top three challenges impacting IT team dynamics as: Communication; Virtual team working; and the “Tech for its own sake” syndrome. There are of course, many other challenges for IT teams today, but I’ve concluded that these are the most significant.

Four characters help illustrate the nuances of each challenge:

  • Dangerous Doug – the out-and-out techie-geek; for whom learning the latest version of C Sharp 98.4 is his main ambition.
  • Frantic Fiona – always rushing about the place, worried that everything is going wrong, or at the very least could go wrong.
  • Jovial Jim – captain cheerful regardless of what may be happening (sometimes blissfully unaware!).
  • And Miserable Mark – accompanied by a low hanging black cloud wherever he goes.

With the help of these four characters and several real-life stories you’ll explore the three challenges, and get insights into what you can do to avoid their associated problems.

The book is now available in the Kindle store, so head on over there and grab your copy.

Oh, and tell your IT friends too.



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